Donate your gently-used scrubs in support of our front line healthcare staff fighting around the clock against COVID-19.

To donate, visit our Choices Scrubs & Footwear location in Bakerview Square, 424 W. Bakerview Road #102, Bellingham, WA  98226.


For questions of support or concern, reach out to us at 360.354.8282 or 


Amid the ongoing concerns about the Corona virus (COVID-19), the situation has created many difficulties, chief among them, a lack of personal protective equipment also known as PPE. Many are in desperate need of of crucial and essential items and scrubs are a huge part of that need. We at Choices Scrubs & Footwear want to ensure the health, safety and well-being of these front line community members and we're initiating a new donation program at our store: 



"We are experiencing this kind of turmoil for the first time, just as you are, and we want to do our part to help members of our local community.


As a former caregiver, I truly understand the role of support staff. If physicians and nurses are the heartbeat, then caregivers and support staff are the valves. If a valve gets blocked, the heart cannot function efficiently."

President and CEO of Choices Scrubs & Footwear.


Your Support

We are putting out a request to individuals, consignment businesses, thrift shop businesses and other retail stores to donate their new or gently-used scrubs to our Choices Scrub Drive! In return, you will be helping out our community by saying thank you to everyone who works on the front line, who are fighting COVID-19 around the clock.


To donate, visit our Choices Scrubs & Footwear location in Bakerview Square, 424 W. Bakerview Road #102, Bellingham, WA  98226. For questions of support or concern, reach out to us at 360.354.8282 or .

To reward your efforts, we'll be handing out coupons for 20% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE to let everyone know you've done an incredible deed today. Additionally, if you want to leave your name with us, we'll be sure to send a shout out to the world over our social media (Facebook & Instagram) under #choicesscrubdrive and #everyscrubcounts for being such an amazing human being.



We are here and ready to do our part of the community. To start, we will be taking 100% of the scrubs donated and will sort, wash, treat and distribute to a front line worker or a care facility in Whatcom County. Our superpower behind the scenes here will be our Anti-Microbial SmartBoost added to the washing process that will treat every scrub with an enhanced defense against allergens and bacteria, essentially making each scrub, cleaner and more effective for healthcare professionals.

But we're not stopping there.

In addition to the scrubs received from this drive, we will also be donating over 200 sets of our own scrubs directly from Choices Scrubs & Footwear! And, in an effort to bring as much scrub relief as possible to Whatcom County, we are in the process of communicating with vendors and partners to supply additional scrub-wear donations directly to those who need work wear the most.

Meet The Team

Vinson Latimore


Megan Stephens


Tatiana Toussaint


Amanda Dykstra


Jessica Koker


We've reached out to Cascade Radio Group and they will be gracious hosts of spreading the word through our press release below!

Thank you all so much for visiting our page and showing your support. We really couldn't do this amazing thing without you. You make us smile with every donation, every word of encouragement and every share of our Scrub Drive event. We appreciate you all so much and your commitment to helping our local Healthcare professionals on the front lines fighting the Coronavirus. You are the reason our community is so amazing.


Contact us for any and all questions regarding your donations, we can't wait to hear from you!


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